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Of social media chaos, hot sex and representation

On the countdown to this season’s second episode, the The L Word fandom was all up in arms on various topics (although “Tibette” usually is somewhere at the base of the heat). From an alleged dramatic drop in ratings after the first episode aired, which could (“of course”) have been avoided had the couple still been together at the center of it all, representing “longevity in same sex relationships”, to people all prepared to defend “Gigi cinnamon bun Ghorbani” from any haters, if need be. The anticipation amidst it all was palpable, as we all knew what was coming: sizzling hot GiBette awaiting us to either completely blow us away hungering for more, or to have us turn our heads (or turn off the entire TV or whatever device projected that scene into our heads) in utter despair and disgust. Neutral ground seems a scarce commodity when it comes to our opinions about this show, and so social media remains our way of venting, hoping, distressing, joking, loving, hating, fighting, and sometimes thankfully also making up again.

And then it was there on our screens, the GiBette sex scene we were baited with the past few weeks, set off by Gigi speaking the exquisitely seductive words “What do you want? You want this?”. Gigi took the lead and Bette wanted it, all of it! The fandom went on tilt, and I personally held my breath I believe during the entire titillating scene. What superb representation of female sexuality of women over 50 (or over 55, to be more accurate). What inspiring representation of same sex relationships (be they long or short) of women with rather big age differences, as well! I for one became an instant GiBette fan, and so did many others, raving about it online.

But let’s talk some more about the representation this show is giving us, on so many levels. It’s quite impressive how much thought went into that and how they endeavored to cast specifically to find the right fit for each of these representations. After over 10 years Showtime brought back a show that now gave proper representation of not only lesbian love, bisexuality, being in the process of becoming a transgender or same sex couples adopting a child, to name the most important ones of the OG. They moved with the currents of time and are now also giving representation of being polyamorous, being transgender, living and loving when being physically disabled, having big age differences, dealing with huge social background gaps, being in a “throuple”, powerful women in leading positions at the workplace, etc… and this is just until now, with quite a few episodes left to air for season two. Who knows what’s still to come?!

What we know after streaming the second episode is that Dani and Sophie are in big trouble, understandably so. How do you come back from first being unfaithful in your relationship and then lying about it? Finley does feel guilty but deals with it the Finley way: trying to make it all better by joking and saying sorry a lot. Shameless Shane (I do call her that sometimes in jest) is actually capable of blushing, which may indicate a new actual love interest for her. There is a limit to how much lying Micah can put up with before turning his back on the whole mess. There’s a limit to how many possible love interests Alice is willing to put up with from her partner. There seems to be no limit to the amount of chewing gum Alice has at the workplace. Bette’s maternal instincts have developed beyond just Angie’s wellbeing. A “friendly” game of poker (with Alice obliviously winning with quads) is likely to be a recurring theme this season. And both forgiveness and irritation may be at the heart of the next episode(s). I’m all ready for the Lake House, just don’t throw Bette in the water, please 😉

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  1. Tina says:

    Good review and observations. I noticed that after the Gibette sex scene their were not many Tibette comments. Maybe the dedicated Tibetters see something in that episode that just took their breath away. Took my breath away. I don’t think it will last though.

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