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2023 Calendars

We don’t know about you, but we’re always a little excited for a brand new calendar at the beginning of a new year. And we’re always looking for ones that reflect our interests and passions…


Tibette’s fate in the mind of a showrunner

Here’s the thing. It’s been way longer than nine months, and there’s no sign that you’re moving on. But, hey, we’re glad you’re still here – and we love that you have hope. We’re still here, too. And we’re just as curious as you are to see how this story plays out.


All about our love…

After all this time, as a small tribute to this iconic couple, a “throwback”:
Those who were there for it will remember the elated excitement the morning these screeners came out just a few hours before the last episode “Last Word” aired (March 8th, 2009), with the song that was originally meant for the last Tibette love scene (All about our love, by Sade).