“I want to be in a grand, historic, iconic love story”

I had been hiking, gosh, I don’t remember what year it was –maybe 2000, maybe 1999, maybe 2002. I can’t remember. I’m gonna have to look it up. But I was hiking and I was trying to communicate to the universe what I wanted and I said, “Please, I want to be in a great love story. I want to be in a grand, historic, iconic love story,” and I literally got down on my knees on the trail and said, “Please.” Because it was something I felt like I hadn’t really had yet and that would be meaningful, not only to me but perhaps to other people, as all love stories are.

And of course, I gave it to the universe and it handed me back my request in an even more extraordinary package of playing in an iconic, wonderful, lesbian love story. And it was fantastic. It was more than I even knew what to ask for. And I’m incredibly grateful…

Jennifer Beals (January 3, 2020, Gloss Magazine)


The moment was all; the moment was enough -VW | #TheLWord #TheLWordGenerationQ

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