Can you Ace this? The L Word quiz!

How well do you actually know The L Word? Take the quiz and find out now! [30 seconds per question, no cheating 😉 ]


6 Responses

  1. Phoenix39 says:

    Wow, I suck! Rewatch needed.😅

    • thelwordq says:

      We’re quite sure you weren’t that bad 😉
      And you possibly missed the interrogation tape answer…
      But a re-watch of The L Word is always a good idea, isn’t it? 😊

  2. Edyth Seymour says:

    Shane did not set wax on fire, why is that the correct answer?

  3. Zhenya says:

    9/10. Suck on question about my favorite Tibette – How many seasons of The L Word do we see Bette and Tina only kissing once? I think only s4, but apparently in s3 also?

    • thelwordq says:

      Hi Zhenya!
      Yes, it was indeed season 3, during the 8th episode, “Latecomer” when Bette left to go on a Buddhist silence retreat.
      But 9 out of 10 is excellent 👌🏼 Have a great day.

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