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Legacy of Love

Whatever it is that makes them splash off our screens, there is an undeniable understanding between them. They know each other’s core, they realize the gem in it and how it requires protection and shelter.


And I said “yes”

Shane and Tess, beyond their own awareness, are more and more becoming the mature adults in the room, taking care of everybody. Where they were still lovingly taking care of Finley the last two episodes, this week they make sure Carrie gets home safe (I don’t know about sound…).


TLWQ Poll – Alice

Well, you’ve delivered your verdicts on Bette’s future. Time to see what your thoughts are on Alice’s situation, it looks like she can use some help!


Lobsters, too…!!!

“I don’t know how you married her”. Tina is infuriated: “What? What do you mean, she’s the mother of my daughter!”, and it only goes downhill from there. Victory #3.