L for Longevity

Longevity definition (source: Merriam Webster dictionary)

  1. a. A long duration of individual life
    b. Length of life
  2. Long continuance: permanence, durability

We’re almost two weeks away from the airing of Season 3 of The L Word Generation Q, and the anticipation on the various social media platforms is growing by the day. Showtime has thrown only a few miserly crumbs our way to feast on, while we’re awaiting the comeback of all our favorite characters. A small teaser-trailer, starting where Season 2 left off, with Tina showing up on Bette’s doorstep (yet again), to now revealing Tina stepping inside and demanding Bette to answer whether she still loved her or not? Such a simple question, every throbbing Tibette heart knows the answer to this since forever, yet the teaser leaves us with Bette screaming at the end, as Tina leaves. Oh, the parallels, you gotta love them. Showtime is clearly trying to tell us something, no? Hold that thought, as only a few days later their first promotion clip for the new season starred “Tibette is endgame?” on billboards in LA and a van having “Tibette is endgame?” written on it in huge letters, whereas all else was hashtagged in a much smaller font-size! This was enough to send the fans into a full frenzy. The speed with which gifs, pics, comments etc. were created and posted, was dizzying. We’re getting them back! Tibette is endgame, right?! Showtime confirmed, and all is right in soap world! Unless of course you are a Pibette fan? Or maybe an actual GenQ-er, not having watched the OG and not interested in Tibette at all? What’s going to happen to our beloved Gini, or Shess? Will Sophie and Finley make it, or will Finley find even more creative ways to screw things up again? Apart from an announcement of a few new cast members having been added, among which Kehlani and Fletcher, we were being starved of any additional info or insight until finally the official trailer dropped on October 13th. A trailer filled with confusion, controversy and questions. So many questions. Alice is kissing someone we don’t know yet? Gigi needs to talk to Nat about whether or not to move in together with Dani?? Angie is entering her “ho” phase??? Finley and Carrie???? I’m running out of question marks here, just saying… Oh yes, and Alice and Shane almost kiss!! However, with Bette desperately running through traffic to get to her person, one question seems to be solved once and for all: Tibette is endgame?!

“So many of us struggle. But our time here is limited. Reminds me not to waste another second” – Bette Porter.

But I digress (or do I?). We were talking about longevity, a word that keeps coming up when the desired storylines for The L Word are being discussed on social media. Longevity in lesbian relationships specifically, because representation matters, and as yet there are far too few (if any) long lasting lesbian relationships portrayed in TV-shows. We can’t have common preconception that same sex couples never make it long term, be confirmed by storylines of polygamy, cheating, betrayal, and endless breakups & make-ups. We need Bette and Tina to come through for us. They are the one couple that have weathered all storms and found their way back to each other time and again. They are the one couple that know all the motions and rockiness of a relationship. They are the one couple that have tried it all, both together and with others for almost 20 years, and still want to give their relationship another chance. Longevity! But wait, there are a few concerning words in this little summary. Words like “back to each other,” “with others” and “another chance.” They don’t seem to match with definition #2 of “longevity”. Perseverance, willingness to keep trying, we can give them all that, but for representation of longevity we should probably look further, after all. But where to start? Allow me a quick stroll down memory lane. Carmen and Shane should have been on that shortlist, as far as I’m concerned, but sadly Shane remained, well, Shane! Alice and Dana seemed to have it all, but for some reason it wasn’t enough for them to remain partners. Thankfully, their friendship proved to be unwavering in and until the end. I liked Phyllis and “Mr. Wischnia” together (go ahead, call me crazy), but Bette telling Phyllis “some lesbians you have to break up with more than once” is kinda self-explanatory. Even Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy didn’t last! So, let’s have a look at our GenQ-ers then. Of course, time will still have to tell, we are after all only at the beginning of a 3rd Season. But so far most of the relationships there are pretty messy as well. With the possible exception of Tess and Shane, who I believe are bringing out the best in each other, and Gigi and Dani, where Dani makes Gigi softer, and Gigi provides Dani with more confidence and communication skills. And then there are of course Pippa and Bette. From what we’ve seen of them up till now, Bette seemed to have found an equal in Pippa. Whereas Jodi, for instance, was always too overpowering. However, Pippa is nowhere to be found on what’s been released about Season 3 so far. One way or another, we’ll have to wait and see what the writer-gods have decided for the upcoming season.

All that being said, I honestly do believe that The L Word had, and still has, one relationship that rises above all others, when it comes to longevity: Shane and Alice! They may be “just” friends, but they have been so from the very start, through thick and thin. They managed to work out each and every single thing between them, even Shane’s relationship with Alice’s archenemy “oh my god, it’s Monet, he’s come back from the dead and wants me to give you a message”Jenny! And isn’t true friendship ultimately one of the most important things one can have in life? For 20 years and going. Longevity! I would say “will you please kiss already,” if it weren’t for the fact that I’m a hundred percent sure that that would ultimately ruin their perfect friendship. So please, stay off the weed ladies! Your goofy friendship is at least half of what makes this show worth watching!


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  1. Crissy says:

    I really enjoyed the breakdown of our favorite characters. “Dani makes Gigi softer, and Gigi provides Dani with more confidence and communication skills.” ❤️

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