They’re back, and how!

“Oh Bette, I’m so sorry, I nicked your mailbox on the way up the driveway”. Carrie’s introduction line has been replaying in my head a few times today. What a way to introduce a character who seems to be the exact opposite of Bette in just about everything! Organized, neat, protective, astute and sophisticated (dare I say slightly neurotic) Bette now having to open her house and family to this rather mundane “joker”, who uses groupons for her groceries, seems kinda oblivious to her surroundings and talks about reflux to her partner at the dinner table. (I’ll leave the scallops conversation alone, for now). Poor Bette. Or maybe I should say poor Carrie? Poor Tina? You watch, you choose. I have to give it to Rosie though, she’s managed to bring Carrie’s character to life in a subtly underacted and very believable way and made it fit her like a glove.

Even without giving any spoilers away it is safe to say that everyone looks absolutely stunning, with our magnificent three as the front runners. They still carry the show for the most part, and that is quite ok, as it enables the perfect merger between OG and GenQ. They are the stepping stones for the new generation to flourish and grow. To explore their own uniqueness and have it speak to their own fanbase that will undoubtedly expand as this season unfolds and we get to know each character even better. It’s an exciting adventure, that in this first episode alone is already off to a more enticing start than seasons 1 was. Yes, among all the other open endings from last season we find out what Sophie’s choice was. Yes, Shane is still the womanizer we know her to be and gets in trouble for it. Yes, Alice is still hilarious as f*ck. And yes, Bette is still, well, Bette. Wildly attractive, easily irritated, exceptionally skilled and quietly vulnerable. All of them more matured, but oh how wonderfully their traits that we’ve come to know and love mark their personalities, complement each other and are at the very base of their friendship.

A quick glance at the Twitter timeline, while watching this sublime premiere episode of season 2, gave the impression that the entire fandom was collectively quenching their long built up thirst, even those in different time zones who may have had to get up as early as 5am. The timeline exploded, from all the “yes, yes, yes” fans to all the “no way” die hards, better known as “Tibetters”. Everyone chipped in and contributed their few cents on how the storylines were unfolding. With just as many speculations about future events and “ships”. Gibette, Dangi, Tincar, Danso, Sofin?? At this point anything could happen, it seems. All good, it keeps us on our toes, interacting and creative, right? Unless, of course, you’re a Tibetter, then you may prefer to sleep through all that, but you simply can’t, because there’s always that hope. There’s always that one chance that the writers will yet come to their senses and Tibette will still be endgame. And so we all watch, we all vent, and we all strive to post the best photos, the funniest gifs, or simply amazing videos accompanied by our favorite music. Anything to be immersed in our beloved L wor(l)d once again, and give it our own special flavor or color. We’re here for all of it, and the week already seems too long.


Official poster of ‘The L Word: Generation Q” Season 2 (Showtime)

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  1. Tina Landrith says:

    Looking forward to the next show.

  2. feromoon says:

    I’M so glad that the two are back and that the writers took the effort to do it in the first episode. Goodness, they give us lots of hope with Carrie’s comment that bette is still in love with Tina.

  3. Phoenix39 says:

    My head is spinning from the Carrie/Tina storyline. I am a 200% Tibetter, but will ride the wave, and hope for the best. Really waiting for Alice, and Angie’s storylines. ALICE is so 🔥🔥🔥 in PINK. Really felt bad for Dani, and waiting to see her Father 💥💥💥. Nice to see you both back. Missed you on twitter.🥰

    • thelwordq says:

      Thanks a lot for the kind words 😊
      Sounds like you got nicely immersed in all of it, and the Carrie/Tina
      storyline should keep your head spinning for a while to come yet 😉

  4. Tina Landrith says:

    I already watched the premiere three times. It was so good.

  5. Deanna says:

    Loved the first episode of season 2! Was a bit shocked by Carrie. She’s such the opposite of Bette. Writers did such a good job with her character though, and it makes things a whole lot more interesting.
    Things were heating up with Bette and Gigi. They look awesome together. Wonder where that will
    Alice is looking great with the softer hair. It’s more like the Alice we loved from OG and she’s more hilarious than ever on Gen Q. Alice and Nat really work.
    Shane will be Shane. And I 💗 her! Love the dog. Quiara and Shane don’t fit to me. I don’t see this working at all. But Tess and Shane…. Hmmmm 🔥

    • thelwordq says:

      What a lovely additional recap. Thank you for leaving your thoughts, much appreciated. I think we all hope things will be heating up for quite a lot of the characters, right?! 😉

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