Karaoke, or not so okie?

What a complete and utter shitstorm did we get into with this episode?! Sorry for dropping this on your screens so bluntly, but its honestly the most predominant feeling I had throughout the entire watch, and it has not gotten any better pondering what I could possibly write about it to still do justice to all my so beloved characters. I could of course focus on all that was good in this f*cked up L world, like Alice finally not crying in the shower that morning, as she stated to Sophie. Or Shane, Bette and Alice absolutely rocking their version of “love shack” and enjoying the hell out of it. They must have had a blast filming it, as Alice looks like she’d gladly “bully” her friends into karaoke night every single day of the week. And then of course we had Micah and Maribel clearing up the air and their insecurities about the night they spent together, Sophie and Finley finally hooking up for real and Alice mustering up the courage to tell Tom she wants to dance with him, and not as friends, which is taking him completely by surprise in the most endearing way: “I’m excited, I’m gonna shut the fuck up”. Oh, and there are of course the promising developments between Shane and Tess (truth really does go a long way), between Dani and Gigi (kindness combined with bonding over ‘dipping into someone’s food’ apparently go a long way too!), and between Bette and Pippa (love of art and a great meeting of the minds, as Bette would probably call this connection, may ultimately lead them on the path of love as well?). Great stuff, right? What’s not to like? Where’s the shitstorm?

Let me try and give you some of my perspective on all the lead up to these events. Much as I wish I could avoid this, being not necessarily a Bette-apologist but certainly a Bette-realist (and one that’s loved her through all her good and her bad from the very beginning), understanding in great part where she comes from in her actions and reactions, I had hoped it wouldn’t ever come to a point where I’d really feel she was being an asshole. Yet, hearing her respond “ad nauseum” to Alice’s suggestion that Gigi must have been wanting to talk about feelings all the time, so painting this woman, who’s been nothing but loving and supportive to her, as the villain that’s impossible to be around, threw me off. The follow up conversation between Bette and Gigi, where Gigi tries to break the ice (yes, it truly felt that cold) with a little banter (“you want to meet me in the bathroom in five, for old time’s sake?”) immediately gets tensive and awkward by Bette being a distant ice-queen, almost as if they’d never shared any intimacy at all. After a few re-watches I am still not entirely sure whether or not Gigi’s “I’m kidding. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do think there’s a world where we are f*cking in the bathroom right now”, was actually meant in good gest, or as a last attempt to let Bette know that she is still interested. Bette, however, makes it abundantly clear that she’s not interested one way or another. She stays very inapproachable, not open to give much more insight into what went so wrong between them, as Gigi asked, than to say “I think we both know that we were not right for each other”, followed by “I need more”. Her hand briefly on Gigi’s shoulder as she says “goodnight, Gigi” comes across more like an additional slap in the face rather than an even remotely friendly gesture for old time’s sake. Like I said, I consider myself a Bette-realist, she’s far from perfect, just like the rest of us. Much of her background has always shed light on whatever screw ups we’ve seen from her in the past. Even with Jodi some warmth, kindness and respect for what they had, had remained. Here, with Gigi, all of that was nowhere to be found. And the why is sadly missing too. Blinded by this fantasy of finding it all with a woman whom she hardly knows yet, but whose art she admires? Hardened by losing the love of her life? I know she has a good and caring heart. Let’s hope she’ll open it up soon enough again, and wide enough to see the error of her ways and do right by Gigi. Damn, this is turning into some sad column, f*ck you Bette.

What else do we have? Oh yeah, right: indecisive, lying and cheating Sophie. She’s been playing with people’s feelings so much, that it is incomprehensible to me why anyone would still want to be with her at all, let alone Dani or Finley. Especially after she just came out of Dani’s bed the other day, now hits on Finley, while helping out on stage, then goes on to buy Dani a drink, leaving her all confused, then basically turning down Finley by saying that all of this is so hard and she needs more time, only to publicly serenade her love for her only minutes later. And Finley, of course, is over the moon… (??), while in the meantime Dani leaves upset and almost in tears. What a great and happy way to start a relationship… Let’s be clear, this is not romantic, this is just plain cruel.

Thankfully Gigi follows Dani out the door and is her life support, her shoulder to cry on, her reason to laugh at least a little, her reason for not having to go home without her purse and her excuse for not overeating on ice-cream, as Gigi so kindly volunteers to eat some of hers as well. They may turn this into one of the healthier relationships of this season, as Gigi tells Dani that her feelings have changed (into more than just friendship).

See, I was actually able to end this on a positive note after all. Looking forward to episode 7, the stills were promising enough. Fingers crossed everybody gets their head screwed back on the right way 😉


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  1. Phoenix39 says:

    Thank you for confirming my thoughts on Bette this season. I have come under the gun in the groups for pointing out when did Bette become so cold, and calculating, and mean. I know Bette is driven, and that is one of her protective walls when she is not in control, but she was always kind, and as you said with Jodi still cared enough for her to explain very gently why it wouldn’t work between them. People say to me , Bette’s always been, controlling, narcissistic, but this is a whole new level of meanest to me. Is that the point are we suppose to not like Bette anymore? Sophie, and Finley. Finley, I,would be giving Sophie a wide berth right now. They both have so much they have to work through personally that they haven’t dealt with.

  2. Phoenix39 says:

    On a happier note I loved seeing Kate, Leisha, and Jennifer having so much fun.❤🎤🎵

    • thelwordq says:

      We’re not sure yet what we’re meant to feel about any of this, but no doubt it’s going somewhere and there is some objective that’s sensible and that will make us understand our Bette better again. Stills for 2.09 are out, they look interesting. Lots to guess or speculate about 😉
      Re Sophie: We simply can’t get on board with her.
      Thanks for leaving your comment and have a beautiful day! 🌹

  3. Maria says:

    Looking back (as season 2 is already over) I can say that Bette did Gigi a great favor by leaving her. First of all, Gigi herself could hardly break up with Bette so quickly. Secondly, it was Bette who introduced Gigi to Dani, whom Gigi later fell in love with. Of course, this does not justify the coldness and neglect that Bette showed to Gigi when parting. Most likely Bette treated Gigi as a temporary option from the very beginning. But Bette is not the kind of person who will allow anyone to come to her (she has criteria)) Bette liked something about Gigi besides beauty and sexuality, didn’t she? And even if Bette liked only this, it would still be possible to find warmer words or at least a look for Gigi when parting… I prefer to think that Bette’s shitty behavior is entirely on the conscience of the screenwriters, who needed to move the plot on quickly. I hope in the future, if the series is renewed for season 3, Bette and Gigi will have the opportunity to communicate normally. If only because they both treat Dani well)

    • thelwordq says:

      Hi Maria, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave your observations. The behavior felt quite unlike Bette to us, so maybe either Bette or the writers just had a bad day 😉

  4. Jag says:

    Regarding Bette, I see her as being Bette. By that I mean, people, well women seek the truth from her and she usually gives them an out. If they don’t take the out, she gives them the truth. If they don’t accept that and they keep pushing her, she gives them the hard truth. Case in point: out/ do you really want to talk about this now, truth/ I think we know we’re not right for each other, hard truth/ I think I need more.

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