Of ships and hope and disappointment…

Laurel Holloman as Tina Kennard and Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q, “Loose Ends”. Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/SHOWTIME

For months and months it was quiet, deafeningly so. All of us “hooked to the point of obsession”-fans, who knew that the new season was being filmed, were desperate for even a snippet of something. Anything! Even a photo of an empty trailer would have us blowing up the Twitter timeline, looking for clues in everything: do we see Laurel anywhere in there? Are there any tells on the new outfits yet? Which trailers are closest to one another, and what does that mean? The powerful three didn’t give us much of anything though, and big boss Showtime was even more silent. And so some of us even started doing the unimaginable: becoming besties with Rosie/Carrie, Tina’s already much hated fiancée. Her TikToks were suddenly like a lifeline to us. Who doesn’t remember her first “Well, here I go, I’m off to do my first day of shooting of the L-word generation Q. You guys, it’s so exciting, I’m such a fangirl”?! We were thrilled to finally hear something, and so we started watching her TikTok, you don’t stooooppp’s, in which she vowed to make the effort to sneak some photos from the filmset (“if they’ll allow me”), told us that Laurel was “delightful and kept giving us at least some clues as to in how many episodes she would appear, based on how many times she was in LA shooting and for how long. God, how hopelessly craving for content we were! We read something into every little piece of info or footage we could get our hands on, from the “Laurel is delightful” remark, which basically had many of us on a ledge ready to jump off, to Jennifer posting a photo of “Tina and Angie” and the Porter-Kennard family on her IG. Of course they would be happily back together, as a family! Why else would Jen post these photos? What were we thinking, being so anguished all the time. Relief, finally, and the photos couldn’t be shared enough.

Phew, one ship saved… What else needs our attention to make this show work properly? Oh yeah, let’s get Sharmen back together too, while we’re at it. Not quite as much time and effort got invested in that venture, but there certainly are lots of fans out there that can’t wait to see that happy ending finally coming about. Surely Shane realizes that Carmen was and still is the love of her life, and leaving her standing at the alter was the biggest mistake ever? Quiara couldn’t hold a candle to her, beautiful as she might be. Neither can Tess, for that matter, although there are already quite a few Shess-shippers out there by now, so who knows, she might win us over yet.

What should we say or think about Natalice? I’ll be honest here, I never was a huge fan of this relationship. A little too boring for my liking, and if I understand anything about Alice’s character, then I think ultimately she doesn’t feel much differently. Having your partner fall asleep during a moment of intimacy that was about to lead to some steamy sex, whereas she was awake enough to watch some show on her laptop… might be where one should draw their conclusions. Just sayin’.

And then of course there are all the new gen Q characters, nicely blending in and eagerly looking for their own “happily ever after”. But Danso appears to have to make room for either Sofin or Dangi (or both), leaving the altar waiting for another couple. And Micah seems to be going on some deep dive relationship expedition first.

In the meantime we’re awaiting the return of Lenore Pieszecki (no Shane, please don’t go there!) and Helena. As far as I’m concerned, if Tina needs saving, then yes, Helena most certainly has my blessing. Especially since we TikTokkers you don’t stoppers just learned that Tina has “her Carrie” and “Bette isn’t an issue!! All Tibette hopes crushed? RIP posts are already marking the end of an era, while the incorrigibly hopeful among us are defiantly clinging to any shred of evidence that the two are still in love and the showrunners are just out to mess with our heads.

Lastly, as for Bette, I sincerely believe that her true ship has yet to find its way into peaceful and nurturing waters, wherever and with whomever that may be.


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