And I said “yes”

Of lust, love and liquor

And boy, was this episode packed with all three of those! Contrary to what the episode title “Light” might imply, there were a lot of lesser light moments going on. Yet, against all expectation, one of those turned out to be the ultimate rescue buoy for the so called Tibette nation, that has come very close to “canceling Showtime altogether” over the past few weeks, as a reunion between Tina and Bette appeared to get further and further out of sight. This episode’s cliffhanger, however, provided all that was needed to infuse the hope of all Tibette hearts again. Did Carrie actually mean it when she, in her inebriated state, confided in Shane (or rather, mumbled) “I don’t think I can marry Tina!”? A renewed glance at IMDB right after it aired, showing that this would be the last episode we’ll see Carrie in, and Rosie herself having confirmed that earlier, took away the last doubts: Tibetters would get their endgame after all…

But wait, let’s back up a little here. What about that (minor?) detail of Bette finally having been able to sign Pippa with the gallery, and bringing her to the big charity event at Dana’s as her date? Should we just that easily dismiss all the obvious pros and signs of their coming together? Let’s refresh our memories and back up even more, all the way to episode 1, when Bette points out her “criteria” for a new love interest: “She needs to have kids of her own, not be married or straight, and have a career. She needs to be as passionate about her work as I am about mine.” A quick fast forward to the therapy session in episode 5, where Angie talks about Black Lives Matter, racism, and how she and Bette walk through life differently because of the color of their skin. How she can’t talk to Kit anymore, and therefore values the contact with her half-sister Kayla even more: “there’s a kind of shorthand with this, and I don’t want that to go away.” We all understood, we all felt her pain and her longing. Bette probably better than anyone. Now here we have Pippa. Pippa, who (just like Bette) would do just about anything for her child. And although Kit of course couldn’t possibly be replaced by anyone, Pippa would certainly be a welcome adult that Angie might be able to identify and communicate with on the level she was expressing in that therapy session. And on top of that Pippa Pascal is this breathtaking, amazing artistst whom Bette has admired all her adult life. They share a deep-rooted passion for art. They connect deeply on an emotional level, as well as they do intellectually and career-wise. And from the writers’ perspective, nothing could fit this episode’s title better than the truly intimate and passionate love scene within the light art. To me that was nothing short of spectacular. That entire scene in itself was pure art!

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Quite honestly, I had a hard time coming up with any other love scene, OG or genQ, that was more convincing in portraying the equality of the two lovers than this one. Sure, in all the years that Bette and Tina have known each other, either together or separated, they’ve developed their own shorthand. They know each other through and through. But very rarely have I perceived them as being truly equal in their relationship. In Tina’s own words, this is why she left, to find herself. Carrie asked her to marry her… and she said yes. And lord knows Bette has shed her tears, she was miserable for the greater part of season 1. Now we finally see her happy and excited again. Back to the strong, adamant woman we know her to be. I must say I missed that, a lot. So, I watched, big smile on my face, and I devoured every drop of bliss between them. And falling in line with Shane and Alice’s blessing of this “ship”, I said yes!

Carrie now tries to find her way in Bette’s world. In Shane and Alice’s world. And she sought out the charity event, with everybody there, to do so. Not too subtly, I might add. I thought Bette showed great restraint in turning down Carrie wanting to bond with her there and then. Especially after taking in her “I just want you to know, it doesn’t feel good to be around you”, Bette’s response, although cold, is as polite as one might hope for at this point. Carrie, who was somewhat standoffishly greeted by Alice, yet a little warmer welcomed by Shane, chooses to confide her insecurities about “their” world with Shane. Clears up the confusion about her alleged drinking problem, only to go on and get smashed. “Phone, can you tell me my password” has got to be the single, funniest moment of the series so far. I’m contemplating adopting it as a ringtone 😉.

Shane and Tess, beyond their own awareness, are more and more becoming the mature adults in the room, taking care of everybody. Where they were still lovingly taking care of Finley the last two episodes, this week they make sure Carrie gets home safe (I don’t know about sound…). And with Carrie’s memorable last words before going inside, no doubt all Tibetters would gladly pay Shane to spill the beans to Tina.

Gosh, so much has happened again this week. Bette and Alice having lunch inside while Gigi and Nat, the two exes, are having lunch together (so gay!) in the very same place outside, all too quickly leads to Nat basically f*cking Alice literally through the roof of her car. Only to have things develop into this train wreck of confusion and complexity, yet again. Shane asking what Tom thinks about her so called “casual sex” with Nat, gets a curt “what are you, Oprah?” Their dynamics are a true gift to the series!

Jordi, meanwhile, has come up with a most endearing way to ask Angie to the prom, instantly restoring Angie’s faith in their relationship. Young love is a treasure 😊

Lastly, since I don’t have the strength to talk in depth (or even superficially) about the many sex scenes between Sophie and Finley, I need to address Dani and Gigi hooking up. For real, yes, this was very real. Much as I loved seeing Gigi and Bette together, these two are no doubt more on the same page. The Gini ship is sailing (my Dangi ship name sadly didn’t stick, but oh well). May they sail into safe harbors.

Wishing everybody a safe remainder of the week and not too much anxiety awaiting next week’s episode.


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