Legacy of Love

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  1. Juliana says:

    Love your analysis! Thanks for that. I’m thinking just like you about Bette and Pippa relationship. Never seen Bette so connected with someone that way not even with Tina. They showed us there’s something special there. Even tough I feel that maybe the writers are still holding them back to feel the reaction of the audience. That “Legacy of love” scene was so powerful when a black woman say that to another black woman. I heard Bette say this with that statement: “People expect hate from us but only love will cure our wounds from racism. Let’s not hate each other, let’s love each other (as black women). I wanna give you love cuz I understand the world didn’t give you that”.

    • thelwordq says:

      Hello Juliana, thank you very much for reading and for this additional perspective. It certainly makes a lot of sense! And since the writers have clearly put a lot of effort in addressing multiple societal and other issues this season, I can totally see how they would have chosen this particular scene to also address racism as well. Sadly it is still much needed, but at least it was done in a most beautiful way! Thanks again, and have a wonderful day 🌞

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