Lobsters, too…!!!

So, was 2.05 everything we expected it to be? Everything we were hoping it to be? It certainly got quite hyped up all of a sudden, with all three main characters for today’s narrative, Jennifer, Laurel and Rosie, tweeting about it yesterday. Laurel even tweeted 4 slightly suggestive posts with photos about it, where one was already enough to get the wishing, longing, hoping (knowing?) and speculating started. All three actresses were in agreement on one thing: they couldn’t wait for 2.05 to air. It was all we needed to know that something big was going to happen: Tibette endgame after all? In addition we also got to see some stills of episode 7, and it confused the hell out of us. Pippa by Bette’s side, smiling and looking happy, while talking to Carrie, who’s also there? What are we supposed to think and feel about all of this?

Well, for many Lobsters, too turned out to be a victory on various levels. First of all we had the amazing Laurel Holloman back on our screens. A sigh of relief escaped the lips of all Laurel/Tina/tibette fans, who had been waiting for this moment for 3 Tina-less episodes. I’ll cover the other victories a little further down. First let’s go back to the transition from last episode’s “frustration sex” into this one, where Gigi wakes up to Bette being behind her laptop already, aloof, covered in thoughts, quite probably drawn into Pippa’s art, and hardly open to any intimacy or communication at all. Frankly, watching Gigi put in loving effort and Bette being completely insusceptible is poignant, to say the least. And Gigi visibly draws her own conclusions.

Shane “meets” the woman Tess has been seeing, and it turns out to be her most destructive past relationship ever: Cherie Jaffe. I won’t lie, I hated her then, and I can’t say my mind’s been changed much by today’s events. She was, and as it appears still is, an opportunistic, manipulative b*tch, who only cares about #1. Their introduction lines set the tone: “I’m impressed Shane, you’re all grown up”. Shane explains to Tess “we had an intense, destructive affair. It didn’t end well, did it” (looking at Cherie). And Cherie’s response to the invitation to an open spot at tonight’s poker game, leaves little to our imagination: “I love games!”

Finley, ever since she found out that Sophie spent the night at Dani’s, went on a drinking spree, and is walking down a dangerous path of darkness and casual sex. Self-absorbed Sophie, still lying and cheating her way through her friendships and relationships, doesn’t pick up on any of the damage done and happily thanks Finley for understanding her: “You’re just always such a good friend.”

Alice and Tom are truly the shining lights of the show. The moment he walks in, I can’t help but smile. There’s just something so right about him. He clearly makes Alice feel at ease and valued. She can talk with him, open up to him and laugh with him. These two seem perfect for one another and I’d gladly be their neighbor, enjoying long barbecue nights outside chuckling over whatever silliness presents itself. Like lobsters in the sink, that Alice had there to cook for a dinner with Nat (which she had cancelled over a date with some Brenda). Their unexpected presence in that sink scares the bejeezus out of Tom, who now turns down Alice’s dinner invite because “there is no way I could eat these, especially after all they’ve been through with you today. I feel like they are emotional support animals.” His humor and lightheartedness eases her emotional pain. His presence radiates her. I haven’t seen anyone more suitable for her after Dana, and that’s saying something! Oh, and for those concerned about the lobster’s wellbeing: yes, they are living happily ever after, they were set free, and the lobsters helped each other free their claws 😉

Gigi meets up with Dani, to support her after she’s been visiting her father in prison. Thinking back at the annoying person Gigi was during most of season 1, it is impressive to see her character development into this stunning, sexy (yes, I am aware those are not character trades), perceptive and in great part mature woman. Her way of communicating is observant, honest and direct, with a twist of wit, a touch of complacency and a side order of seduction. Their tea conversation about Sophie later that evening leaves us with a promising “there’s more than Sophie or not, you’ll see”. She turns down Bette for the night.

After what he calls the Worst.Day.Ever. in his text, Maribel comes over to support Micah, and what was coming for quite some time already, finally happens. She leans in and kisses him. And in the most natural way imaginable he lovingly lifts her up and carries her to the bedroom. They are sweet, endearing, funny and very comfortable with each other. I may not have shipped them so far, but I’m fully on board now.

I know, I know, it’s time to go back to our infamous Porter-Kennard +1 family 😉. As Angie is in emotional distress over her donor being sick and needing a kidney, she has asked for a family therapy session, all of them, including the +1. And so there they are, on the couch together, opposite of their daughter. The unease almost bursts out of our screens. Bette pulls a full-on ‘Bette’ as soon as Angie explains her wish to donate her kidney, and loses it completely, especially when Carrie puts in her 2 cents (“I am adopted too!”). While Tina heads out after Angie, who left the room upset, Bette, against all odds, lays bare her soul in Carrie’s presence. After Tina and Angie returned, and Bette’s calmed down enough for Angie to be able to explain things a little better, Bette grabs hold of Tina’s hand, and Tina squeezes it back. Victory #2 for the fans, followed by a fight between Tina and Carrie in the parking garage: “my jaw is killing me from grinding all the time”, thus Carrie, “I don’t know how you married her”. Tina is infuriated: “What? What do you mean, she’s the mother of my daughter!”, and it only goes downhill from there. Victory #3. Many are convinced; this is it, this is the sign we were waiting for, Carrie is out and Bette and Tina will be back together soon enough. After all, lobsters too, mate for life!

Endnote: compliments to the writers, yet again, who address so many important issues in just this one episode, from Black Lives Matter to unsung queer heroes. Bravo!

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  1. Phoenix39 says:

    I have heard it is a very good episode, will be watching tomorrow night in Canada.
    Love your description of Gigi, so true. Sounds like Carrie crossed the line with that comment about Bette.

    • thelwordq says:

      Hi again! no doubt you’ve watched the episode by now! And we’re quite sure you liked it 😊 There was so much happening in this one wasn’t there?! And yes, Carrie’s remark about “that Bette” didn’t fly well. But will it be enough to drive Tina away?? That’s the big question…
      Thanks for leaving a comment, we always love to read them. Have a lovely day.

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