When we asked for Dana back…

… this was not what we meant!!

Let me start by saying that I had braced myself for this episode. The teaser that showed a musical clip of Sophie and Finley had me thoroughly warned. At least, I thought it had. But honestly, nothing could have prepared me for episode 6: questions for the universe. Nothing could have prepared me for Shane, on a bender, watching a threesome (live) in Alice’s house. Or for the cheap parallel of Shane and Alice, (and Alice’s team) going to a meditation/visualization meeting, only this time to be welcomed by some hippie-act “third-eye connector” feeding them drugs, teleporting them into what can only be described as the final stages of a nightmare to end all nightmares (including this show, I’m afraid). Nothing could have prepared me for an even cheaper parallel to the OG, where Sophie and Finley play husband and housewife in a “comedy”-show, directed by Finley’s girlfriend Dani?! Nor for all the other awkward musical bits, the weird cross-over between Gene Kelly’s “On the Town” and West Side Story, with sailor Shane sliding over the dancefloor to get her woman. And most of all nothing, absolutely not one thing, could have prepared me for Alice ending up in this surreal quiz show, where she ends up winning the single most ugly interior for her house AND the one: Dana! Yes, we finally got our beloved Dana back. Almost unrecognizable, in a style I can’t even pinpoint to any era, she’s back, as it turns out, as the guiding light from the hereafter to give Alice an oracle-kind of message as to who is actually “the one” still out there for her. What could easily have been the most beautiful, heartwarming, goosebumps reunion, in an endless amount of better and more believable scenarios, was now presented to us in a cringeworthy, disposable, romcom dream, that ends up leading Alice back to.. Tom? I missed Dana, ever since she died in the OG. She was radiant, cute, extremely funny, a bright light that shone on every scene she was ever in. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who has been wishing and hoping, for a long time already, that the writers would find some way in which to bring her back. I’m also pretty confident when I say that this comeback is far, very far, from whatever we had wished and hoped for. RIP again, Dana. May this episode not haunt you as much as it probably will haunt me.

I honestly don’t have much more to say about this, or any of the past 2 episodes. Except for thanking my sweet girlfriend, who I made watch it with me. I deeply apologize and am eternally grateful you didn’t make me go through it alone!

Because nothing could have prepared me.



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